Stop! Wait a minute, Mr. UPS Man!

I am expecting a package.  Anxiously.  It’s my new steam mop.  I can’t wait for it to get here!  I have been wanting one for ages and FINALLY I took the plunge and ordered one after doing tons of research.  Sadly, stalking every single vehicle that passes anywhere within a block of my house is not where the obsession ends.  I have been cleaning in anticipation.  I fully recognize that it is silly to be treating this newest member of my home like an actual guest, but I can’t help it.  I have wanted one for oh-so-forever.

I’m also thinking about rearranging my living room and family room so that I can dedicate a space to crafting.  (Also because I hate the wall-o-dvds that greets people as the walk in.  Ugh.)  And don’t worry, I hear you asking, “How are these two topics related?”  Because, dear reader, what better time to rearrange furniture than when you have a brand spanking new cleaning utensil and a bad, bad case of the SCF.  (That’s Spring Cleaning Fever, by the way.)  As if that’s not enough, I am also shopping for new living room furniture.  Because I hate mine.  Hate it.  It is the most uncomfortable furniture ever.  EVER.

Off to peruse Ikea and daydream til I make a final decision.

Or maybe get the sewing machine out and make something.

Or maybe finish up the never-ending kitchen towel I am knitting.  (Seed stitch gets really old after 24″.  Just FYI.)


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