*tap, tap, tap*

That is the sound of my foot hitting the floor impatiently.  No, the steam mop is NOT HERE YET!

I’ve also been shopping for a car.  Which is surprisingly difficult with no car already.  A whole lot of trust has to be extended to the kind people of the internet.  I think I found one that will work out well, as long as it is in semi-decent shape.  (Fingers crossed!)  But since that is so frustrating without being able to actually lay hands on a car, I’ve had to distract myself looking up other (FUN!) stuff online.

Like these:

reusable paper towels

Reusable Paper Towels!

Effing brilliant!  I have a hoard stash of cloth kitchen towels and rags, but I have a helluva time getting the kids and the husband to use them.  If they were out all the time, looking cute and pretty and ACCESSIBLE, they really wouldn’t have any excuses!  I have some old baby blankets I think I can use to whip some up.  But…I think I’ll go with velcro instead of snaps.


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