Forcing the issue

I have a picture to show you.

living room mosaic

Living Room

That’s going to be my living room.  Not literally of course.   The top row are the colors I have to work with.  One wall is terra cotta and the other 3 are that golden cake-y yellow, and the floors are a soft and beautiful bamboo.  Currently our couches are dark green.  And while the color is pleasing enough, I HATE these couches.  Hate them so much I honestly would love nothing more than to drag them out into the street and set them on fire.  I can’t WAIT to get rid of them.

But money being a factor (when isn’t it?) because we are also currently car shopping, my resources are limited and I need to get creative.  I didn’t think I would have to.  We have a brand new Ikea nearby and I figured I would be able to find the solution to my needs there with little effort.  Alas, no Ikea couch is screaming “Buy me!” loudly enough.

These chairs are tho.

grey chair

Ikea Tullsta Chair

And 2 of them will be coming home with me.  In dark grey.  (Please note the bottom left pic above.)  We have a wooden couch on our back porch with HIDEOUS fabric on the cushions, but it is a pretty awesomely shaped couch.  (And comfy to boot!)  And I know how to sew.  So, the cushions will be recovered and the couch itself will be painted (again dark grey!) along with the dresser we are currently using as an entertainment center and the side table we’re currently using…which (drumroll, please!) matches the couch!

Bet you are wondering where the other two bottom row pics come in.  The stainless steel will be on the legs of my coffee table.  (Ye gods, spray paint is a GENIUS thing.)  And also the new drawer pulls for the dresser/entertainment center.  (And maybe, JUST MAYBE, the facing on each shelf of the bookcases we’ll be moving in to flank the dresser and house many of our dvds…not all, just many.  Sigh.  We have so effing many.  But that’s another post.)

And the turquoise water…sigh.  I LOVE the color turquoise with all my heart.  (Not too fond of the stone, go figure.)  And the coffee table I have is this awesome mid-century (my favorite of all styles, EVER!) thrift store score that is this battered, yellow-y color currently.  But it has fantastic lines.  And should be a feature in the room in which it resides.  So, turquoise and proud it shall be.  Turquoise and stainless steel…I think I need a moment…I just teared up in joy at the very thought.

So, ask me how I’ll be tying them all together.  Ask me, ask me!  Some sort of stenciled design (Please don’t gag at the word ‘stencil’…I know, it took me a long time to get over the negative connotations associated with that dread word, too.  No ducks and lame flowers here, tho!) will be adorning each of the side tables (attached to the couch arms…no, trust me, it’s cool) and the side table…in…wait for it…da da da!  Turquoise!  (Maybe a simple lotus flower?  Or an Ohm?  Or just a stripe?  Suggestions?  Please?)  And maybe the same design on a throw pillow or 3.  (A stripe, or series of striped would work well for that and not overpower anything…hmmm…)  And, as I realized just today…the lamp that already lives on the side table in my living has a stainless steel base.  (It needs a new shade desperately, which I know I will figure out soon.  Not today tho, not today.)

Okay…now…I know I need to address this…I realize I am mixing a warm palette with a cool palette.  But, here’s the thing.  I don’t care.  I love the colors.  And frankly I love them all together.  And it’s my house.  So, I get to break every decorating rule in the book if I wanna.

Now I just have to get my hands on paint and figure out what fabric to use on the couch cushions.  Oh, weekend, how I love thee.  Pictures will be posted as soon as I get some stuff done.  Don’t worry, I’ll take a before, too, no matter how embarrassing it will be to post.  (I HATE those couches.)


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