I need help.  I love this house.  But I hate the light fixture over my dining room table.  It’s just one of those 80s horrible “chandeliers” with those flame-shaped lightbulbs.


And oh yeah…I don’t really want to change out the fixture.  I know it isn’t hard to do, but I am deathly terrified of working with electricity, so unless you want to come over and do it for me, that is not happening.

This is the only picture I have on hand of the fixture:

paper and string

I repeat.  ew.

I thought about going to the hardware store and seeing what kind of screening or something I can find and fastening it around it to make my own globe shape, but…that would really be a last resort.  (Cause I’d have to get brass and I hate brass and gold.)

So, help.  🙂  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I have this awesome fabric that I need to remember to get canvas stretchers for.  (Staple the fabric to the frame, cover the outside edge with ribbon for a finished look.  Hang on the wall.  Done!)


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