I know I haven’t posted.  I’m still plugging along trying to redo my living room, and I will have a ton of photos to post once I’m done.  But until then, all I have is this lame post to offer.

And I have to run.

Yes, I suck.  But I have a house to clean before a “keep the party going in a safe place” bachelor party shows up at my house.  And yes, I will be sequestered in my bedroom once they get here.  I wouldn’t want to ruin the party wth my wife-ness.

One more note…I was offered tickets to the Yankees/Orioles game tomorrow.  For about 5 minutes.  Until the husband decided to give them to someone who is an actual Yankees fan.  (Which is probably just as well.  I hate the Yankees.  Grew up in Tampa, half my grandparents are from the Boston area, I’m a Rays fan, so I have good reason.)  Anyway, bachelorette party tomorrow (for the other half represented tonight) and then a surprise shower the next day.  Busy weekend.  Hopefully the  lawn gets mowed.  There are lawn elves, right?


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