Glue, check. Scissors, check. Toilet paper tubes, check. Spray Paint, check!

I found this project on the web a month or so ago.

Toilet Paper Wall Art

Toilet Paper Wall Art

Nice, huh?

So, I decided I needed to have that hanging on my wall.  But, fond tho I am of the rustic hues of naturally colored items, I couldn’t exactly get over the fact that I would have toilet paper tubes hanging on my wall.

Spray paint is a wondrous thing.

Wall artI love the play of shadows.  But this picture is a much better representation of the actual color of the piece even tho it changes the color of my wall vastly.  In this picture it looks white but it is actually a butter-y yellow.  (Cornbread, my husband says.)

wall art I have enough pictures of the process to post a tutorial but unless I get a request to do so, I’ll leave y’all to find the instructions at the site I linked at the beginning of this post.

Ahhh…I love it when I actually get something finished.


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