The Great Grey Couch

The Husband came home yesterday early from work.  He was “sick”.  (It isn’t that I don’t believe he was “sick, per se…but he is a bit of a Chicken Little/Boy Who Cried Wolf kinda fella.  He’s “sick” a lot of the time.  And I’m sure it’s not just an allergic reaction to my copious eye-rolling when he informs me of his most recent ailment.  But that would at least explain why he’s “sick” so often.)  While he was home, he happened to ask me when exactly I was going to start on the painting of the couch.

<Insert great, big evil grin.>

“Well, you’re home today.  Why don’t you give me a hand?”  I mean, what else could I say to the challenge he’d extended?  Out came the vacuum (the couch had been on a front porch for 2 years and my back porch for the last 5 months, so it was bit cobwebby…ick), the sander (No big, just to smooth out the grain on the arms and back…remember the porches?  They weren’t completely weatherproof.), the brushes, the primer, the paint and we got to work!

Here’s the before:

couch before


It was just kinda…dated and tired.

Priming took a long time, because I had “help”.



And finally, after one coat of paint:  Ta da!

Couch After

Couch After

Yay!  Now to get to sewing the cushion covers.

I’ll get right on that.  But I have this whole wedding thing happening next week.  People are showing up tomorrow to help put stuff together, so hopefully I will have time to do that after that happens.  Fingers are firmly crossed.

And now, off to clean the house.  Sigh.  I hate cleaning.

*A note on “grey”:  I have a very hard time using the word “gray”  , even tho I am American and have spent very little time out of the country in my life so far.  I figure I am just preparing for my eventual immersion into British life.  Cause it’ll happen someday.  Sigh…someday.

**A note on grammar and punctuation:  Grammar in this blog is not exactly reminiscent of high literature, I know.  I doubt it will ever be my strong point, so if you can wade through the casual nature of my language in these posts, I applaud you.  Also…and this is the biggie…I suck at commas.  I overuse and misuse them to the nth degree.  (And this is nothing compared to my addiction to the ellipsis.  But I can nly make so many apologies in a single blog post.  Oh, you three dots in a simple, tidy row, how I love thee.)  If that bugs your inner punctuation policeman, I heartily apologize, but I doubt that I will make many changes to my blogging in the coming months.  Hopefully you can forgive me and hang in there with me!


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