One week in and none the wiser

I have been meaning to post.  But then I think about something else I need to do.  And then something else.  And then something else.  You understand, I’m sure.

Also, I kinda wanted something meaningful to post, considering this is my first post since turning 37 (!!!!!!) last week.  And while I could go on and on about the fact that I have actually turned 37 (!!!!!) and I don’t think my mental age has increased beyond about 20…maybe 12 some days…and it just seems completely wrong.  But I won’t.  Cause that would be depressing, right?  I don’t exactly have any sage words a woman of my years (that sound is me sobbing as I type) should have.  I remember when each of my aunts was 37, and they seemed to have their shit together.  When is that gonna happen for me?  Cause I could use some of that good old confidence and clarity right about now.  Crap.  I’m beginning to think that is just something a person is born with.

I guess my real question is whether or not I have to grow up now?

(I vote no.)


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