Photography Assignment

I’m not really one to jump on a blogging assignment bandwagon, but I like the idea of the sense of community it creates.  Anyway, I was reading this blog today and decided to give the Depth of Field thing a go for this week.  (Yeah, I’m late to the party.  Story of my life.)  Depth of field is not something I have much experience with.  I haven’t taken a photography class since high school…when I had my awesome 35mm Nikon…and only recently got a decent digital camera again.  It sorta does the depth of field stuff for me.  So, while I have a basic understanding of how it all works, thanks especially to the refresher course provided by this site, I don’t really have a WORKING understanding of it.  It just sorta seems like magic to me.

This is what I came up with today without actually moving from my spot on the couch.

This is basically the same shot with a difference of zoom only.  But what a difference.

The bottom two are to show the difference between the depth of field.  Pay no attention to the mess on the floor of my living room.

That is all.


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