Menu Monday – 05/24/10

We’ll be eating out of the freezer this week because payday was a bit thin.  It’s all good tho, I stocked up a week ago.

Monday – Ravioli with marinara sauce and steamed broccoli

Tuesday – Lentils and coconut rice with fried onions (slow cooker)

Wednesday – Homemade chicken strips and baked fries, baby carrots with ranch

Thursday – Ropa Vieja with yellow rice and peas (slow cooker)

Friday – Alfredo pasta with broccoli

I rarely plan for weekends, since I usually don’t know what’s going on til they’re here…

This weekend is no exception.

I have nothing witty to post.  But I have been dying for some carrot juice muffins with wheat germ, so I am off now to find a recipe.  Or create one.  Sigh.


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