Obviously I suck at keeping a blog…

But I have three kids.  And a husband.  Who demand my attention all the freaking time.

Anyway, I’m currently getting insanely sick of my girls (who share a room) fighting with each other all the time.  Not to mention having completely different schedules.  Makes for fun times when one is ready for bed and the other wants to watch tv or read.  It’s their room equally, so who wins?  Usually no one, because I get all Godzilla and flip out at both of them for making so much damn noise.  (I don’t win in that case either, cause that’s not the mom I want to be.)

Soooooo…I need some options to keep the peace around here during the summer.  School lets out on Wednesday and then I have to entertain them for WEEKS.  And to add to the mix, I have been hearing a lot of  “I’m bored!  There’s nothing to do!” lately.  My great-grandmother told me when I was a kid and complained of being bored that, “Only boring people are ever bored.”  Ouch.  I only heard that one time before that phrase was struck from my vocabulary.  Completely.  I don’t think I have said it again in the 30+ years that have passed.  (I can’t even blame the husband for the kids picking up the term.  School teaches more than ABCs.  But that’s another post…)  Probably because I believe it’s true.  I have many and varied interests and always have something I am working on.  Or at the very least I have things I need to do.

Enter this blog entry from Drab to Fab.  Yay!  Great ideas.  Unfortunately, I have a hard time getting my kids outdoors during the summer.  Not because we don;t have a great yard and fun stuff to do in it.  Not because they prefer being indoors (except the boy…I am beginning to doubt he’s actually mine…), but because we live in Florida.  Let me illustrate the point with today’s weather.  It is 11am.  The actual temp is 84 degrees.  The FEELS like temp is 102.  I’ll give you a minute.

102 degrees.

Yeah.  It’s miserable outside.  I’ve been spending some time outside the last few days and have gotten a “heat headache” every single day.  I’m hydrating plenty, but the heat just takes it to an extreme my body is not equipped to deal with.  So, how do I banish the kids outside to play for longer than an hour or so…in the morning only?  Thing is, I can’t.  So a bunch of ideas that work fine for people who don’t live in Hell’s Waiting Room won’t work for us.

Time to put the thinking cap on.

And that always leads to trouble.


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