A week of planned creativity…I hope

I have a friend who is having a birthday tomorrow.  I never know what to get him, because he is impossible to buy for…not through any fault of his own (mostly) but often because I am just plain broke.  This year he is getting a bunch of neck coolers for his baseball team to use.  I made him a few in the beginning of his season, but apparently they have burst or just gone past prime…  And I can’t imagine oozing neck coolers would be refreshing to anyone.  So, new ones he shall get!  I’d love to give him something else, but it will have to be something I can finish today.  Ah well, maybe I’ll get lucky and have a stroke of brilliance before nightfall.

So, that is Thing One on the to-do list.

Thing Two is a bit more challenging.

Pillowcase Dress

How cute is this?

Super cute, right?  (Btw, how much do y’all love U-Create?  I know…it is awesome!  And inspiring.  And I spend waaaaay too much time there.  Moving on…)  Unfortunately, I no longer have a toddler.  BUT…I do have a child who loves dresses.  (My oldest daughter hated them when she was little, but my youngest is making up for that all on her own.)  Soooo…I think I may tweak this a little and make one for her.

And this would be great for my boy’s room.

Awesome, right?

I know!  I just need to get my hands on some upholstery foam.  (Confession:  This probably won’t happen this week.  Because one needs money to buy things and we are stretched thin this week.  And the next.  And probably the week after that.  And the week after that.  You get the idea…)

I have this printed fabric to make a Barbie bedroom.  I bought it when Bronwyn was about 4.  She is now 13.  It will be going to Quin now.  Anyway, I’d like to get it made and done and out of my fabric stash.

I need to engineer some sort of cover/roof/thing for Quin’s playstands.  You know…before she is 13 and too old to enjoy them.

I want to make a fabric stovetop for her to lay across one of her playstands so she can cook.  Of course she’ll need an apron and a chef’s hat to go with it.

Have you seen this?

Too freakin cute, right?

Yep.  My kid needs them.  Bad.

Looks like I will be sewing like a madwoman int he coming days.

Plus I want to get the kids’ rooms all cleared out of stuff they’ve outgrown.

Busy week.

Wonder if I’ll do it or just mostly sit on the couch?


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