Project Q

I adore my kids.  I really do.  And my older two have been well taught to entertain themselves.  The little one…not so much.  And as much as I love playing restaurant with her or reading her newest story or listening to her tell me all the videos she is going to look up on youtube or finding her scissors because she lost hers AGAIN, I really need her to learn to entertain herself some of the time.  She’s never had to.  Probably because she’s flipping adorable and came late in our child-bearing days, so we have 2 teenagers and a 6 year old in the house now.  That means she’s always had someone willing to dote on her.  She’s never had to learn to entertain herself.

Welcome to Summer 2010, kiddo.

I’m instituting a rule.  (Hear me now, ye children!)  At the start of next week, we will all be choosing a spot, inside or outside the house, to be our VERY OWN.  No brothers and sisters allowed.  And once those spots are all dolled up to our liking, we will spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day there.  And unless there is fire or gushing blood, there is no bothering anyone else during those sacred minutes.  I’m hoping this will help Quin to learn to entertain herself and also to give the older kids a break from always being her entertainment.  (That might even make them willing to actually spend time doing something with her.  Hey…a mom can hope…)

Fingers firmly crossed.


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