Menu Monday(ish)

I made up this menu yesterday, I just didn’t get around to posting it til now.

Monday – Chicken and yellow rice with green peas

Tuesday – Taco salad with corn chips

Wednesday – Baked beans with sausage, corn bread and watermelon

Thursday – Cheese strata with tomato, cucumber and onion salad

Friday – Pasta with tomatoes, sugar snap peas and mozzarella

Saturday – Biscuits with gravy and fruit salad (early dinner/late lunch bc we have a party that night)

Sunday – Chicken strips w/ honey-maple mustard, baby carrots w/ ranch, apple slices w/ Nutella

I’ll be making some random desserts, too.  Sour cream cake with coconut topping.  Will post the recipe once I use it (and tweak it) and make sure it is worthy.  I have been rabid for tapioca pudding lately.  And egg custard pie.  And cheesecake.  My favorite desserts are creamy apparently.

Also, I will begin work this week on tweaking the cupcakes for Jay’s upcoming Drunken Cupcake party.  (More details on that one later, too!  You’ll see…it’ll be awesome.  I’ll do a series of tutorials/recipes in keeping with the theme.)

Happy Monday(ish)!


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