Extra! Extra!

So, when you find tutorials you fall in love with, what do you do about it?  Make them, right?  And what if you find 3 (count ’em!  3!!) tutorials that are simply divine?  Make them all and turn them into a cohesive unit, of course!

So, that’s what I did.

Here are the tutorials that inspired me:  Fisherboy Shorts by No Big Dill (Super cute, right??)

The Tie Shirt by Saltwater Kids (I so wish I had seen something like this when my kiddos were tiny and needed onesies.)

And this cute and SUPER easy Alice Band at The Paper Pony.  Seriously…like, RIDICULOUSLY easy.  I made one for Quin this morning in about 5 minutes.  And the only reason it took me so long is because I sewed a strip of fabric to use and had to turn it.  With ribbon it should take less than a minute.  LOVE easy and quick!

And the finished result for me?  Feast your eyes!

Newsboy outfit

Extra! Extra!

Forgive the shoes.  I wanted her to wear her Mary Janes, but she has P.E. at school today, so she needed the sneakers.

Newsboy outfit

Fit to be tied

The tie and the headband.

Newsboy headband

The Alice band...soooo easy!

Seriously.  INSANELY easy.  Go make one.

Newsboy knees

Detail of the cuff

And yeah…she’s rocking the knee socks.

Newsboy outfit

Fetching girl.

One more to leave you with, cause my kid is goofy.

Goofy newsboy


I really, REALLY want to make one of these, but Quin has informed me she doesn’t want a hat.  But I think I’m making one today anyway.  I measured her head this morning while she was playing on my cell.  Sneaky.  She didn’t even ask why.


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