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imageI’ve been cooking up a storm lately.  (And not using my real camera at all.  What is wrong with me?  Oh yeah…it’s summer…)  The above picture is the most recent.  Yes, those ARE “Breakfast Tacos”.  Pancake shells, sausage filling with strawberry reserves salsa and sweetened sour cream.  Good stuff.


And these babies.  Oh holy gods, these are the best cinnamon rolls I have ever put into my mouth.  Ever.  No, seriously, EVER.  Here is the recipe.  Please make them.  I think I need to make another batch today…


These are the strangest thing I have made lately.  Watermelon flavored cupcakes (and mini chocolate chip seeds) with cream cheese (green colored) frosting.  People seemed to like them tho, so…

And now I have to go figure out what I’m making for dinner tonight…and make those cinnamon rolls.

Oh, and make these.  Yum!


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Two for Friday

As promised, a picture of the never-ending seed stitch kitchen towel.

Seed Stitch Towel

Never-ending seed stitch hand towel

I might finish the edges a little fancier in the future, but for now, it’s DONE.

And observe this yummy goodness:


Number One Smoothie

We finally scored a blender this week.  (I have lived without one for…oh…about 7 years?)  The boy wanted a smoothie when he came home from school today.  (Okay, okay, I’ll fess up.  He wanted one yesterday, but I felt like warmed over donkey poop, so he didn’t get one til today.)  We had fresh strawberries (I love living in central Florida this time of year!) and bananas and a container of peach yogurt.  Threw all that in the blender with some ice and YUM!  Good stuff.

(Hopefully all that vitamin C will kick this bug’s behind out of the house for good.  Maybe I better make another one.)

Yeah, that’s a Guinness pint glass.  Shhhh, don’t tell the husband, but I use them for all my drinks.

It’s the Number One Smoothie because it was the first one we made.  Plus, it was pretty tasty.  Wonder if the littlest monkey would like it?  She’s weird about fruit.  She only ever likes one type at any given time.  Right now it’s apples.  (But not applesauce.)  Any ideas of stuff I can make in the blender using apples?  Yeah, I’m drawing a blank too.

So, the blender came with a food processor attachment and we made Banana “Ice Cream” with Nutella today too.  It was DAMN good!  I am going to have to keep frozen banana chunks on hand all the time.  Maybe next time I’ll try it with a little honey and wheat germ.  (I love wheat germ.  It must be because I was born in the 70s and had hippies for parents.  That’s the only way I can explain it anyway.)

Okay, off to watch some baseball and finally get around to cutting out some ties for Quin’s shirts.  I drew the template yesterday, so I’m practically done!

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